Brexit Experts

Brexit Experts

Professor Jon Tonge

Liverpool University

Professor Jon Tonge covers UK politics, especially political parties and elections. He has produced books on the last six general elections and...

Dr Mark Garnett

Lancaster University
Senior Lecturer in Politics

An expert on UK Politics, with particular reference to the Conservative Party and its splits over Europe and Brexit.

Jan Gerhard

IHS Markit (London)
European Senior Analyst

Jan is responsible for the analysis of the political, security, and business environment in Western Europe with a particular focus on country...

Prof Geraint Johnes

Lancaster University
Professor of Economics

Geraint can discuss the economic trade-off of Brexit, and the challenges of reforming the EU. He is the author of numerous articles and books on...

Prof Wyn Grant

Warwick University
Politics Professor

Primarily a specialist in political science . His teaching topics and published works cover political history, economic policy, business-...

Professor Paul Whiteley

University of Essex
Professor of Government

A regular on TV and radio, Professor Paul Whiteley has also written many columns for the national newspapers. Paul was co-director of the British...

Jameel Ahmad

Global Head of Current Strategy & Markets Research

Jameel is an expert in financial market developments, and specialises in global currencies, commodities and emerging markets. He is currently...

Prof David Deacon

Loughborough University
Communication and Media Analysis

A member of the Centre for Research Communication and Culture who have conducted news audits for every General Election since 1992. David and his...

Huw Edwards

Loughborough University
Lecturer in Economics

Huw is a pro EU voice and is a member of the Global Economy Research Interest Group

Dr Mike Gordon

Liverpool University
Constitutional Law

Dr Mike Gordon specialises in constitutional law, with a particular focus on the UK. Much of Mike’s work is related to the doctrine of...

Peter Schaffrik

RBC Capital Markets
Head of European Economics and Interest Rate Strategy

Peter has experience working for major banks in the UK and in his native Germany. Peter has more than 10 years experience as a sell side analyst...

Professor Michael Dougan

Liverpool University
European Law

Professor Michael Dougan specialises in EU Law, particularly EU constitutional law, the Single Market and EU welfare law. His work covers...

Peter Dixon

Commerzbank (London)
Senior Economist

Peter Dixon is Commerzbank AG's global financial economist based in London. His role is to interact with the bank's capital markets business to...

Michael Hewson

CMC Markets (London)
Chief Market Analyst

Michael holds over 20 years' worth of experience of trading the markets, and specialises in technical analysis. Respected for his candid and...

James Knightley

ING Commercial Banking (London)
Chief International Economist

James Knightley is the Chief International Economist in London. He joined the firm in 1998 and has been covering G7 and Western European economies...

Jasper Lawler

London Capital Group
Senior Market Analyst

Thom Brooks

Durham University
Professor of Law and Government

Thom is an American who became a British citizen and has written extensively on immigration law and policy, especially the UK’s citizenship test....

Craig Erlam

Senior Market Analyst

Based in London, England, Craig Erlam joined OANDA in 2015 as a Senior Market Analyst. With more than five years’ experience as a financial market...

Kallum Pickering

Berenberg (London)
Senior UK Economist

Kallum joined Berenberg in 2015 from BNP Paribas where he worked as an economist focusing on UK, Ireland and Nordic macro and real estate..

Tommaso Valletti

Imperial College London
Chief Economist, European Commission

Tommaso is Professor of Economics at Imperial. His main research interests are in industrial economics, regulation, and telecommunications...

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